KONA UNIT 2014 – Trail Bike – Single Speed
Upgrades – XT Brakes, Carbon Bars and seat post, Esi grips
Chain guard delete with shorter bolts
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Modified/Upgraded Kona Cinder Cone Mountain Bike!

(Video filmed with Motorola Droid 4)

Modified/Upgraded Kona Cinder Cone Mountain Bike.

I’m particularly fond of older steel framed bikes, and vintage Kona bikes are excellent examples of the breed.

I bought this 1992 model second hand. It was in poor cosmetic condition, but was an ideal candidate for modification into a road bike.

It was stripped down, and rebuilt to make it more suitable for cycling around Cambridge.

This is one of several bikes in my stable, but I’m selling most of them to reduce the number of bikes I own, and I want to move over to 29 inch wheeled bikes.


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