The 2017 model Giant ATX 2 27.5″ mountain bike now available at Ivanhoe Cycles.

Greg will take you through the main features of the bike – what’s good about it, who it will suit best… etc.

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Test Riding a Giant Trance SX 27.5″. This is me Downhill Mountain biking at Whistler riding Heart of Darkness.

This is the first time riding a bike with 27.5″ wheels! Have any of you rode a bike like this? I just bombed down Crank it Up and then Hod at the Whistler Bike Park.

I was in Whistler during Crankworx for 4 days and I rode every day that I was there. In this video I am riding the Giant Trance SX because I was able to try out bikes from companies during Crankworx! This bike felt pretty good, the suspension was great, and I think the slightly bigger wheels helped a bit for the braking bumps but I’m not too sure if they did that much. I had good handling on the bike, I could still shred pretty good with it and I enjoyed it, but I’m not sure that it’s any better than 26″.

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This was filmed in August, 2013.
This video was filmed with a GoPro HD Hero 3 Black Edition and a hero 2
I used the 2.7K resolution at the wide field of view at 30fps to record this on the hero 3 and 1080 30p on the hero 2.

******In order to capture the audio that you hear in this video, I put my Zoom H1 digital audio recorder in my back pocket, I had it on a manual volume set at 30, and the low cut filter on to take away some wind noise and distortion when I land jumps.
I had to edit the audio in adobe premiere though, raising the volume on everywhere except not as much on the landings, (those were the loudest parts and they would get distorted if I raised the volume much more). And eliminating some wind noises by using a highpass filter.*******

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